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Making-up machines
Model RW, system Menschner

Measuring – winding – rolling – doubling – double-doubling

Use: Universal use
Variable and perfected module-system design, that means individually co-ordinated with customer’s articles and requirements

Inlet versions
From pile, roll or big batch

Outlet versions
on flat rolls, round rolls and vertical winding for curtains with bows

Measuring suitable for calibration for firm and elastic fabrics is possible. Measuring accuracy is +/- 0,3% as compared with the measure determined on the table being the fabric in relaxed condition. Combination with existing EDP equipment is possible.

Manual or automatic doubling is possible. Double doubling (4-fold) with additional doubling device.

Calibrated measuring, separate rolling device for checkered fabrics, weighing device (for separate contact rolling device), selvedge printing, length marking, automatic doubling unit, axial control for selvedge-aligned rolling, oscillation for staggered rolling of thick selvedge, machine control via metallized labels, lengthwise cutting especially for lining fabric, transfer of measured values by means of industrial PC to a printer (clear text and/or barcode) as well as serial interface, operating data acquisition system

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