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Open-width scouring machines
Aqualan-tec, system HEMMER

Intensive and gentle scouring process in open width

Use: wovens and knitteds of wool and blends with wool (PES/WO, WO/PAC, WO/PA, WO/CO, WO/CV etc.)
Gentle and effective scouring process for sensitive articles in discontinuous operation. The quick up and downward movement of the Sugger device produces a strong liquor turbulence in the Sugger compartment. The liquor is pressed and sucked through the fabric at the same time. This intensifies dirt dissolving and rinsing procedures in using fresh water. A pair of squeezing rollers effects, besides transport of fabric, adjustable liquor exchange depending on its pneumatic load. The pressure of the top cylinder additionally takes influence on the mechanic treatment of the textile.

The milling device serves to improve the cleaning treatment as well as to increase the development by washing, but also to shorten rinsing times. The filling capacity of the machine or the density of fabric layer packs and thus the dwelling time is determined by the transport beltsí speed. The washing effect is supported by a highly efficient spray tube system so that a continuous wetting of the fabric packs is achieved. Dissolved particles of dirt, grease and dyestuff are easily washed down through the interrupted conveyor belt system.

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