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Pile shearing machines
Model SFS, system Sistig

High capacity shearing technique as a condition for quality shearing

Application: natural and synthetic fibres as well as for all kinds of blends, e.g. raised and woven velvets, knitted velvet, Raschel, needle felt, Wildmann, flocked fabric.

Finishing of pile fabrics sets a high standard on the capacity of the shearing unit. The shearing mechanism consists of a shearing cylinder 210 mm Ø suitable to receive max. 28 spirals and the shearing blade the holder of which is of reinforced construction. The shearing tool’s lifetime depends, besides kind of article and machine speed, also on suction and lubrication.

With the m-tec shearing machine SFS an effective removal of shear lint is ensured by the high quantity of exhaust air and the optimised air guidance. The intensive and uniform cooling of the shearing tool extends the shearing tool’s lifetime. A special felt separates the suction zone from the lubricating zone thus increasing the efficiency of suction. Lubrication of felt as well increases the shearing tool’s lifetime and thus ensures a troublefree shearing.

Optionally designed as patented travelling carriage ensuring uniform application of the lubricant, including integrated cleaning device for the lubricating felt. Appearance and character of the pile are considerably influenced by the pile preparing devices, such as pile brush, pile polisher, cross brush, tigering, drum raising and glazing equipment. The Pile shearing machines can be integrated in a finishing range, for example in combination with Tigering machines.

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