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Superfinish GFP 800, system Kettling + Braun

Continuous pressing, setting and decatizing with the GFP-effect:
softer, more flexible and better shaping

Use: Wool and wool blends as well as synthetic fibres, e.g. in the automotive field, especially also for blends with viscose and cotton.

Superfinish GFP 800 is a continuous decatizer working with the evaporation system. Important is the defined and adjustable moisture application at machine entry. By the action of temperature and pressure the moisture applied is converted into steam, an impermeable pressure belt prevents escaping of the steam. Fabric run throughout the machine is absolutely at minimum of tension. By heating pressure belt and effect cylinder and through the surface pressure produced by the tensioning roller, HT conditions are achieved. The higher the pressure, the higher the fabric temperature – up to 140°C.

Conventional continuous decatizers work with the suction principle by which temperatures of only up to 105°C can be achieved. Touch, lustre, volume, degree of fixation and elasticity can be influenced within wide bounds through humidity, temperature and pressure whereby the height of temperature is a decisive factor.

Superfinish GFP 800/900
with final decatizing unit: giving additional possibilities of taking influence on fabric effect.
An intensive final steaming changes the fabric condition to extremely soft, mat and voluminous.

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